Researching and Learning
When researching, you need to collect information by reading or listening to pieces written by trained journalists and edited with critical eyes. Databases provide collections of carefully selected articles and segments with pre-built citations. NC Teacher Librarians recommend the databases on this page.

North Central's Database Subscriptions:

No need to login to these databases when you are at school. Check the current Canvas Library course or Your teacher can share the login information for use of these at home.

Stop the spread of misinformation

News sources: Beware of bias. Factcheck the news you find on social media. Do some research on any journalist, author, or funding organization before using it in your project or sending it on to family and friends.

  • All Sides: Links to news stories from both liberal and conservative outlets.

  • investigates for false claims.

  • Snopes: Documented, thorough research to fight against misinformation.

  • E.S.C.A.P.E. from the coronavirus: NewseumED has a memorable way to evaluate all the news.

The following databases can be accessed anywhere in Marion County. If you do not live in Marion County, you can access them with your Indianapolis Public Library number you received during the 20-21 school year (the last 4 digits is your PIN). Need your number? Email Mrs. Achgill or Mrs. Toussant or ask your teacher.

Academic Search Complete - scholarly articles for in-depth research

Biography Reference Center - articles and materials about people

Explora for High School - resources supporting high school classes

Gale in Context:  Opposing Viewpoints- Information on social issues drawn from news articles, books, websites, and primary documents, highlighting the differences between contrasting viewpoints.

Gale in Context:  Global Issues- International viewpoints on a broad spectrum of global issues, topics, and current events.

Gale in Context:  High School- Designed to be a single starting point for students at all levels. Formerly known at Student Resources in Context.

Gale in Context:  U.S. History- Learn about the most significant people, events, and topics through an overview of U.S. history.

Gale in Context:  World History- Learn about the most significant people, events, and topics in world history.

History Reference Center - primary sources and current perspectives on history

MAS Complete - wide range of magazines specifically for high school

Newspaper Source Plus - national and international newspapers and news transcripts

Points of View Reference Center - supporting high school students in providing current information on controversial topics

Additional helpful databases: