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Integrated Chemistry and Physics (ICP)

ICP: Evaluating information about electromagnetic waves from cell phones

ACTIVITY Spring 2023:

*Wilson Amplifiers does have a good website about materials that can reduce cell phone reception. It is NOT perfect...Wilson Amplifiers does not state where they get their information:

"11 Major Building Materials That Kill Your Cell Phone Reception."

Ms. Tschudy's ICP: Energy resources for electric power plants:
the video below was created by Dr. Seyhan Esoy on his YouTube channel "mekanizmalar."

GREAT INFOGRAPHIC: U.S. Department of Energy's infographic of a power grid showing how electricity gets to our homes

GREAT EBOOKS IN NC'S LIBRARY: To access these books on energy and electric power, login with your student login info (same as Canvas and Skyward).

More websites on Energy Resources for Power Plants

Cost of energy sources: 

International Energy Agency: Levelised Cost of Electricity

      Acronyms: USD (United States dollars); LCOE (levelized cost of electricy)

Electricity in Indiana:

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA): INDIANA State Profile and Energy Estimate

Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED): Fuel Fact Sheets

New York Times: "How Does Your State Make Electricity?" (may need a subscription)

Marketing tools online:

Adobe Spark


Elements and the Periodic Table

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