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Mrs. Martinez and Mrs. Toussant are licensed full-time teacher librarians.  Students and staff are also supported by four fantastic support staff members:  Ms. Marti Daily, Mrs. Kyeong Lee, Mrs. Eun Pa Jung Park, and Ms. Deanna Ziegler.  

B.S. Ball State University


Certificate of IB Teaching and Learning Butler University

More to come at NC's newest teacher librarian and her roles as department chair of the Library, Learning Center and Visual Arts.

I am in my 18th year teaching at North Central.  Before becoming one of NC's teacher librarians, I was a science teacher for 8 years, primarily at the 8th grade level.  I currently sponsor NC's Book Club for students and serve periodically on the Association of Indiana School Library Educators' Rosie High School Book Award committee.  When I'm not at school, I'm either reading, hanging out with my family, or paddling a dragon boat with my teammates, the Indy SurviveOars.  I believe that there is a book for everyone, and that everyone's story needs to be heard.

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