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Helpful Recommended Sources for Seniors/AVID

Mrs. Toussant explains how to embed a Google slideshow in a discussion reply in Canvas. (Oct 2020)

Eng12 ENL Library Tour

Mrs. Toussant explains how to post a discussion in Canvas. (Aug 2020)

Mrs. Toussant explains how to post a video in a discussion in Canvas. (Aug 2020)

Watch or Listen...
Grab your headphones!
  • NPR - National Public Radio; listen to or read transcripts of segments on a wide range of topics

  • TED Talks - videoed speeches of various experts on various speeches

Citing tables, graphs and images:
  • "Tables and Illustrations": This one link to MLA's "Formatting a Research Paper goes to the exact section that will help you with in-text citations of images.

  • The entire "Formatting" page will be helpful to view before you turn in your paper.

  • For other helpful citation tools, please visit our "Citing" page.

Evaluating sources: 
The following are links to four different ways to quickly evaluate ANY source whether it is a printed book or an up-to-date website.  Feel free to pick your favorite and use it every time you need to check on a source's credibility and validity.
Health Information and Studies

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