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Stay connected to the North Central Library Information Center. Email NC Teacher Librarians Helene Achgill or Lee Toussant with questions, concerns and suggestions any time. Office hours are listed below, but the librarians can meet with students through Zoom by appointment.

Email Mrs. Toussant (left)

Book Club Sponsor

Message through Canvas or call 259-5301 

 to set up an appointment.

Email Mrs. Achgill (right)

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Message through Canvas or call 259-5301

to set up an appointment.

Teacher librarians are ready to
work with students and faculty 
through Canvas, Zoom, Google drive and email.

This is a tough time for everyone.  Reach out to your family, friends, teachers, counselors or coaches if you or a friend are experiencing depression or anxiety. Find more information at National Institute for Mental Health Teen Depression. Indiana residents can also dial 2-1-1.

Access the Canvas course "NC- Library 20-21

For eBooks and digital audiobooks, click on "Destiny" in the top menu and choose "Destiny Discover."

Whether it's an ebook, poetry, or fanfic, just keep reading! Browse magazines with Flipster...login info on Canvas NC Library 20-21.

Fight misinformation by finding the truth. We provide resources to give you accurate news and help identify the fake.

Read, learn and think using audio books, podcasts and news radio.

Take time to make something new: make a video for class or learn how to draw. Stay tuned for links.

Helene Achgill

Teacher Librarian, IC Dept. Chair

Office hours for Spring 2021:

By Zoom appt. with details in Canvas.

Lee Toussant

Teacher Librarian

Updated office hours for Spring 2021:

By Zoom appt. (link and details in Canvas

Library Information Center & Learning Center

Mission Statement:

to support the development of lifelong learners and globally-minded citizens by providing a bridge between the classroom and deeper learning for all students through differentiated and equitable supports in order to foster the academic, creative, and social skills needed to achieve excellence in a multicultural environment.

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