Welcome to the North Central High School Library!

Fall 2021 in the Library

Important dates

October 4 - 8, 2021: Check out books to read over Fall Break!

September 7, 2021: First day for student passes to the 2nd floor library for project help, research guidance and books.

August 9, 2021: After School Learning Center begins at 2:45 pm in the 2nd floor library. ASLC hours: 2:45-4:30 M-Th.

How the Library's website can help YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can NC students visit the Library?

  • Currently, students can visit the 2nd floor library before school for technical help on assignments, book browsing and check-out, and quiet study areas.

  • Students assigned to the 1st floor library for their lunch period can check out books after eating.

  • The After School Learning Center, which opens August 9 at 2:45 pm, will also use the 2nd floor library.

Can students get passes to the library?

On September 9, 2021, students may visit the library during the study hall if they have the following 3 things:

  1. their physical ID

  2. a pass from a content teacher (study hall teachers will not write passes directly from study hall, so plan ahead).

  3. a need that cannot be met in study hall (examples include getting technical help or research guidance from Mrs. Achgill or Mrs. Toussant or finding a library book and reading.)

Why do some people call North Central's Library the "Information Center" or "IC"?

The library is largest part of the Information Center. The library actually has 2 floors. Computing Services and Media Services are also part of the Information Center. Many people get the upper IC confused with the Learning Center. 

Aren't the IC and LC the same place?

No.  The IC is the Information Center, which includes both levels of the library.  The LC is the Learning Center, in A502, where tutors work with students during the school day.

What is the After School Learning Center?

The LC tutors move to the upper IC after school.  The ASLC operates Monday - Thursday from 2:40-4:15. The ASLC is NOT OPEN the first week of the semester or the first day after a school break.

This website is continually updated to provide information for specific class projects.