Researching and Learning from Home
Finding quality news sources

NPR: National Public Radio is funded through grants and public donations and provides various perspectives from people across the U.S. and world; offers an app.

AP: Associated Press News is a non-profit cooperative of independent journalists around the world; offers an app.

Stop the spread of fake news!
  • Coronavirus expert information:

  • News sources: most news is written with a bias (or lens based on the journalist's experiences). Find other articles to factcheck news you find on social media.

    • All Sides provides links to news stories from both liberal and conservative outlets.

    • investigates for false claims.

    • Snopes For more than 25 years, a computer scientist and his wife have built this site to debunk fake news, identify hoaxes, and investigate conspiracy theories that were finding rampant exposure on the Internet. Still one of the best unbiased websites that provides recorded, thorough research in their fight against misinformation.

  • E.S.C.A.P.E. from the coronavirus: NewseumED has a memorable way to evaluate all the news.

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