Researching and Learning from Home
DATABASES - quality resources with citations

INSPIRE databases: Free in Indiana. Click on the links below or go to INSPIRE for the entire list.  If you have issues accessing Inspire Databases from home, please use this link: INSPIRE from Home.

The following databases can be accessed anywhere in Marion County. If you do not live in Marion County, you can access them if you have a Indianapolis Public Library Card. All NC students and faculty are eligible for an Indy Pl care no matter where you live! 

Gale in Context:  Opposing Viewpoints- Information on social issues drawn from news articles, books, websites, and primary documents, highlighting the differences between contrasting viewpoints.

Gale in Context:  Global Issues- International viewpoints on a broad spectrum of global issues, topics, and current events.

Gale in Context:  High School- Designed to be a single starting point for students at all levels. Formerly known at Student Resources in Context.

Gale in Context:  U.S. History- Learn about the most significant people, events, and topics through an overview of U.S. history.

Gale in Context:  World History- Learn about the most significant people, events, and topics in world history.

CQ Researcher and SIRS can be accessed with your public library card number.

North Central's Database Subscriptions: See NC's Library Media 20-21 Canvas Course

for usernames and passwords.

Stop the spread of fake news!

News sources: Beware of bias. Factcheck the news you find on social media.

  • All Sides: Links to news stories from both liberal and conservative outlets.

  • investigates for false claims.

  • Snopes: Documented, thorough research to fight against misinformation.

  • E.S.C.A.P.E. from the coronavirus: NewseumED has a memorable way to evaluate all the news.

Coronavirus expert information: